‘Every sentient being holds their journey as a vibration in the Akashic Records’ – Quantum Soul

Our animals have a past life history and this is held as a vibration in the Akashic Hall of Records. This past life history includes not only past lives, but soul names, life themes and contracts.

Find out more about the fascinating story of your animals Soul journey with an Animal Akashic Record Reading.

You can expect –

  1. The story line of your animals past lives (usually only two or three)

  2. Life theme

  3. Contract with you (if available)

  4. Soul name

  5. Colours and crystals that their soul energy resonates with

The Animal Akashic Record Reading is R800 and is an emailed reading. Follow up discussion is available on request

(Rates may vary outside of RSA)

I look forward to connecting you …Sharron xoxo

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