‘All animals have a voice. It takes a patient ear to hear them speak’ –
Quantum Soul

All animals have their own personalities, likes and dislikes. What
seems like uncharacteristic behaviour can be a call for help. Allow me the  privilege to connect with the animals in your life and restore calm.

  • Telepathic distant communication R500 p/session (includes one follow up)
  • R150 per follow up thereafter, for the same case
  • Communication and Astral Healing R800 (see Astral Healing for more information)

I recommend that if your pets need intensive therapy, that you consider Astral Healing as well. I have found from my experience, that this works well with the communication as it provides energetic closure, where the communication itself will help emotionally.


I look forward to being of service… Sharron x

Animal Astral Healing

Distance communication and/or healing.

Astral Visitation R500 p/session includes:

  1. Clearing and alignment of Chakras

  2. Soul Fragmentation (for trauma and grief)

  3. Animal Behaviour Communication

I look forward to being of service… Sharron x

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Pet Soul Portraits

‘Your pet has its own unique Soul personality footprint’ – Quantum Soul

Every animal that we have the pleasure of sharing our journey with brings their own stamp of joy with them.

They add so much to our lives. They also bring their unique Soul essence too.

Capture your precious pets in a unique portrait that also captures their soul energy.

– A3 chalk pastel portraits are R500 (not incl courier)

– A digital copy is also available on request

Order this as a special gift for a special person in your life or immortalize your loved ones

I look forward to being part of your journey….. Sharron xoxo