‘Healing is held as a vibration in the heart and soul’ – Quantum Soul

When we go through any type of trauma or life change, our physical bodies hold the hurt or fear as a vibration. This vibration can cause physical pain, emotional disharmony and mental anguish.  The Astral plane is the home of the Soul. It is here that I meet and work with your Soul energy. Healing work done in the Astral is always received better as not only am I working without ego, but I am also working in unconditional love.

This is a non-invasive and remote energetic healing modality that removes blockages and clears stuck energy. Its great for confidence issues, grief, abundance blocks, emotional and relationship trauma.

It is also used in addition to any physical healing after an operation, for patients undergoing long term medical treatments, for fertility issues, weight concerns, and more. Speak to me about your condition and I will let you know how I can assist you.

Astral Healing is done in three parts (a touch base to see where the blockages are, the actual healing and then follow up and closure). Each session is followed up with feedback. Please note that this is also available for animals.

Astral Healing includes energetic cord cutting. Please note that a Contractual and Past Life cord cutting can only be done if the Soul contract is no longer in service.

Astral Healing and Cord Cutting is R800

(Rates may differ outside of RSA)

I look forward to being part of your healing journey …Sharron xoxo

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