General Life Guidance

Let’s face it, Sometimes we all need a little General Life Guidance. We can have access to all of the answers however it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

When things are uncertain, let me connect with your higher self, and with the help of my guides and yours, get you back on track.

For guidance on anything from relationships, career choices, finances, health issues, spiritual growth and anything in between,
book your consultation with me.

General Life Guidance and Combo Readings are as follows:

R250 for 15 mins (One Question only)

R450 for 30 mins

R750 for 60 mins

These readings are available over Whatsapp chat with interactive voice notes, or Whatsapp call, Messenger chat or call, Zoom or voice recorded messages (for those of you who are pressed for time).

Cross overs

When our loved ones pass through the veil, we know that they are only a vibration away but we still miss their love and their
support. Sometimes we need some closure and questions answered.

Allow me the privilege of connecting you with your loved ones in spirit.

Cross Overs are:

15 mins R150

20 mins R250

30 mins R400

60 mins R600 (30 mins General / 30 mins Crossover)

I look forward to being of service to you.. Sharron x

Totem-scope Reading

Our animal guides form part of our Guide collective and they bring messages of hope, upliftment and support to us. I offer a six-month forecast with an animal messenger guide for each month along with a supporting crystal and affirmation to help you on your journey.

This reading is R800 and is emailed to you to keep and refer back to