Akashic Record Soul Reading


Akashic Record Soul Reading


What you can expect, depending on what information you request:

  • Previous lives directly related to your current journey

  • Your Soul Archetype/Personality

  • Soul Themes

  • Life Themes

  • Theme Overlays

  • Sacred symbology that vibrates with the energy of your Soul

  • Your Souls purpose for this incarnation

  • A full easy to understand summary

  • Follow up Akashic Soul Coaching discussion 


‘You are a multidimensional being. The time has come to step into your Purpose’ – Quantum Soul

Our physical journeys are a rich tapestry of cycles. In our Soul form, we choose life lessons that will help us to grow and experience on a Soul level.

These are often not understood in human form, simply because if we remembered our experiences, we would be reluctant to repeat them! An Akashic Record reading gives you the opportunity to understand your Souls Purpose and how this aligns with your physical journey.

Find out more about your past lives, why you are stuck in energy cycles, the source of your phobias, health issues and unfounded fears and get a better understanding of Soul contracts that you are currently serving.