Animal Communication For Beginners


Animal Communication For Beginners


Session 1 – Understanding how animals think and communicate

In this session we will be covering how to talk to animals and how to listen. This is a fun session where we also touch on how to ground your energies and clear your mind so that you can hear what an animal is telling you.

We will be working a little with animals who don’t need therapy, but who are willing to help you to on your journey by being a ‘guinea pig’ for you to practice with.


Session 2 – It’s all about your connection

This is where is all happens, and, in this session, you will be given an opportunity to showcase what you learnt in Session 1. This is a non-judgmental and safe space in which to practice.

If you need an extra session, we can chat about this as practice makes purr-fect!!


‘Animals speak with honesty. They have nothing to hide’ Quantum Soul

This programme is designed to teach you how to connect with animals telephathically. This is a fun way to converse with your own animals and a platform for being a voice for others. (Please note that there is an advanced Animal Communication programme if you already communicate with animals and want to work with them.)