Animal Communication Mentorship


Animal Communication Mentorship


Session 1 – Understanding animals

In this session we will be covering how animals think and process as well as how to make contact and stay connected. We will be practicing grounding techniques and how to stabilize your own energy first. How to start a conversation and the right questions to ask as well as what conversation needs to take place with animal parents.

Session 2 – Animal Communication 101

This session is about telephathic connections and here I will be providing you with practical ways to communicate with animals and how to react within different situations. Animals do not think like we do so there is often a very simple underlying issue that needs to be addressed. In this session we will be exploring different scenarios where intervention is needed and how to get the ball rolling. We will also be covering issues like animal buy-in and acceptance, gaining trust, valuable feedback and ways forward.

Session 3 – Animal Communication Round Up (Part one)

During this session we will be working with a live case where no intervention is needed. We will be practicing from a photograph or two and comparing notes. This is a fun non-judgmental and purely practical session where you get to practice and begin your animal communication journey.

Session 4 – Animal Communication Round Up (Part Two)

In this session we will be working with a live case/s and building your confidence so that you can continue to communicate effectively with your own pets or assisting others with theirs. This is the last session in this programme and has been designed to give you the opportunity to put what you have learnt into effect. If either of us feels that you are not quite ready, then we will just keep practicing until you feel more confident in this role. There is absolutely no pressure as this line of work, whilst very rewarding also requires a responsibility from all parties involved and misinformation can delay the healing process.


‘Animals respond best to the vibration of love’ Quantum Soul

Animals can struggle to express themselves and their behaviour can change because of this. This means that their needs can also be misinterpreted, leaving their parents and themselves frustrated. Animal communication is a way to bridge the gap between pet guardians and their animal companions.

Whilst mediumship is not essential for this work, it is recommended. If you are not confident in this area, please chat to me about this and I will add an extra session for you to hone those skills!