Animal Reiki


Animal Reiki


Session 1 – The Animal Chakra System

Chakras are energy centres that tell us a story about a person or an animal’s wellbeing. In this session, we cover information around the eight animal chakra centres and how energy works.

Session 2 – How to Heal with energy

Healing is a combination of animal communication, visualization and intuition. During this session you will learn how to use all three to heal effectively.

Session 3 – Follow up Healing

This session is all about practice, practice, practice so you will be given a live case to work on and assistance in healing with confidence.


‘Animals respond to all forms of energy’ – Quantum Soul

As animals work outside of ego, they respond very well to energetic healing. In this programme, I will be teaching you how to use the Reiki principles in animal healing. This can be done physically or through distant healing.

(I recommend that this be used in conjunction with Animal Communication to be able to assist animals in the best way possible. Please see the Animal Communication programme)