Animal Tracking


Animal Tracking


Session 1 – Lets connect

The first step to tracking is not just to secure your relationship with the lost animal, but also with their human. This means asking the right questions and then putting a case together. In this session, we cover different scenarios and how to use the information given, to create the right approach when connecting with the animal.

We also chat about how to see whether the animal is alive or not and then how to relay this news with confidence and compassion.

Session 2 – Lets start

This session covers the first comms with the lost animal using all the information that you have been given and building an effective case. We use map tracking, visuals from your ‘client’ and images given to you. You will also learn what to ask the animal, how to collect relative clues to pass on and then how to bring the animal home.

Session 3 – Lets practice

In this final session, we work with a practice case, and you have an opportunity to showcase what you have learnt.


‘Being a tracker is more than communicating with a lost and frightened animal. It’s also about being a Pet Detective’ – Quantum Soul

This course is designed around assisting and bringing comfort to lost animals and their families. I will take you through a step-by step process whereby you will learn to connect, council, advise and then act as a bridge of communication between the two, and hopefully guide home.

(Please note that this is an advanced tracking programme and that you need to have a background in animal communication. If you feel that you need to complete the Animal Communication programme first, please chat to me. Tracking is a responsibility that requires focus and dedication and is easier with the right tools in place)