Astral Healing & Cord…


Astral Healing & Cord Cutting


This is a non-invasive and remote energetic healing modality that provides closure for your animal and yourself.

Astral Healing & Cord Cutting and includes:

  • A quick pop in to chat briefly to your animal and introduce myself
  • Chakra clearing and alignment
  • Cord Cutting
  • Infusion of light energy
  • Infusion of healing affirmations
  • Full feedback
  • One follow up session

After each visitation, you will receive a full emailed explanation and a follow up chat can be arranged


‘Healing is held as a vibration in the heart and soul’ – Quantum Soul

When we go through any type of trauma or life change, our physical bodies hold the hurt or fear as a vibration.

This vibration can cause physical pain, emotional disharmony and mental anguish.

The Astral plane is the home of the Soul. It is here that I meet and work with your Soul energy.

Healing work done in the Astral is always received better as not only am I working without ego, but I am also working in unconditional love.

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