Cord Cutting


Cord Cutting


This is what you can expect from a cord cutting session –

  1. 30 min intro connect to discuss your concerns and the process
  2. Chakra or full etheric body energy scan to establish the ‘root’
  3. Cord cut/severed
  4. Root removed and healing infused
  5. Chakra realignment

You will receive an email with a full explanation and a follow up chat can be arranged if requested


‘Cord Cutting is a way of release, bringing you back into harmony with your higher self and your physical journey’ – Quantum Soul

When we face any challenges, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, we create a contract with that experience. This contract creates a silver cord that links us to the experience and in a case where there is dis-ease, discord or disagreement, the cord can be severed or cut.

Cord cutting is not felt in the physical body and is a healing modality that is carried out in the Astral. When the cord has been cut, you will feel release from the energy connected to the situation, contract or emotion.