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Spiritual Mentorship Programme – Read your own Akashic Records


Session 1 – Understanding energy
Your first session is the most important and sets the tone for what you want to achieve.
As the Astral Planes (home of the Akashic Records) is an energetic space, we will be working through exactly what energy is and how this affects your daily life.  In this session we will also cover what the Akashic Hall of Records is and what you will find here. This is your personal journey, and it is important that we get your record straight!!
Session 2 – Accessing the Akashic Records
The second session is all about experiencing the Astral and paving the way forward.
Through guided meditation, I will take you to the Akash and the home of your Records. The aim of this session is for you to experience the vibration of the Astral Plane and to become comfortable here. This is a 5D vibration and we will be focusing on breathing techniques, mindfulness exercises and ways to lift your vibration.
Session 3 – Gaining access to your Records
Once you know where you are going, you are on the path to the answers that you seek.
This is the final session in this Programme and as you will already be familiar with the Astral and how it feels to be in this vibration, we will be visiting the Akashic Hall of Records through guided meditation once again. This is where it all happens and once you have been here, gathered some intel, we will be discussing ways to interpret your messages and integrate them into your current journey.


‘It is our Divine right to have access to all that we have been, are and will be’ – Quantum Soul

This three session Mentorship Programme is designed to assist you in accessing your Akashic Records through guided meditation and assistance in interpreting the messages that you receive.

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