Understanding and reading Animal…


Understanding and reading Animal Totems


Session 1 – Who and what are Totems?

In this session we go through the difference between your Totems, Animal Spirit Messengers, and Power Animals. We discuss how to use each one and then via a short meditation, you get to meet your own.

Session 2 – But what do they mean?

This session is dedicated to the meaning behind Totem energy. Each animal carries its own message and with practice, you will be learning what these are.

Session 3 – Practice makes perfect

This practice session will be used to interpret messages given to volunteer sitters. You will have an opportunity to develop your Totem reading skills and give effective and meaningful responses.


‘Totem energy is a spark of who you are’ – Quantum Soul

Totems are part of your guide collective and present themselves to you as animals. Some of these are contracted and others are just visiting. At the end of this programme, you will know the different meanings behind Totems, Animal Spirits and Powers.

You will also be able to do Totem readings and interpret messages for yourself and others. This is a great energetic addition for any Reader to have to add value to their offerings.