‘It is our Divine right to have access to all that we have been, are and will be’ – Quantum Soul

This three session Mentorship Programme is designed to assist you in accessing your Akashic Records through guided meditation and assistance in interpreting the messages that you receive.

Session 1 – Understanding energy

Your first session is the most important and sets the tone for what you want to achieve.

As the Astral Planes (home of the Akashic Records) is an energetic space, we will be working through exactly what energy is and how this affects your daily life.  In this session we will also cover what the Akashic Hall of Records is and what you will find here. This is your personal journey, and it is important that we get your record straight!!

Session 2 – Accessing the Akashic Records

The second session is all about experiencing the Astral and paving the way forward.

Through guided meditation, I will take you to the Akash and the home of your Records. The aim of this session is for you to experience the vibration of the Astral Plane and to become comfortable here. This is a 5D vibration and we will be focusing on breathing techniques, mindfulness exercises and ways to lift your vibration.

Session 3 – Gaining access to your Records

Once you know where you are going, you are on the path to the answers that you seek.

This is the final session in this Programme and as you will already be familiar with the Astral and how it feels to be in this vibration, we will be visiting the Akashic Hall of Records through guided meditation once again. This is where it all happens and once you have been here, gathered some intel, we will be discussing ways to interpret your messages and integrate them into your current journey.

The total cost of this Programme is R1500

There are payment options available. Each session is approx. 90 minutes and sessions are available as face-to-face consults, Video call, or over Zoom.

I look forward to sharing your journey with you … Sharron

Spiritual Mentorship Programme - Manifest with Me

‘As I think and as I speak, so I am’ – Quantum Soul

We are all entitled though Divine Law to live a life filled with joy in line with our contracts and purpose. It is my passion to lead Souls towards living their best lives ever, so I have designed a four step Programme to get you on the right path

Session 1 – What is energy and how do we master this?

We are energy and so is the world around us. This includes our thoughts, actions and the words that we speak. In our first and most important session, we will be covering how energy works and gaining an understanding of how to use energy to your advantage. 

Session 2 – What’s blocking your flow?

This session is a trip back down memory lane as we re-process where you have come from and where you want to be. We will be drilling down to what is holding you back from living your best life. 

Session 3 – Ready to get started?

In this session we will be moving through manifestation tools, tricks and suggestions and working with visual aids and powerful affirmations to get the ball rolling. You will be well on your way by now and ready to start bringing in some Manifestation Magic!

 Session 4 – This is it … can we get going now?

After all the practising that you will have been doing between sessions, you will be a pro by now but we just need to make sure that you have a good understanding of all that you have learned so far and are already integrating the magic of manifestation daily

The total cost of this Programmes is R2000.

There are payment options available. Each session is approx. 90 minutes and sessions are available as face-to-face consults, Video call, or over Zoom.

I am excited to help you on the way to manifest your best life ever … Sharron  

Animal Communication Mentorship

‘Animals respond best to the vibration of love’ Quantum Soul

Animals can struggle to express themselves and their behaviour can change because of this. This means that their needs can also be misinterpreted, leaving their parents and themselves frustrated. Animal communication is a way to bridge the gap between pet guardians and their animal companions.

Whilst mediumship is not essential for this work, it is recommended. If you are not confident in this area, please chat to me about this and I will add an extra session for you to hone those skills!

Session 1 – Understanding animals

In this session we will be covering how animals think and process as well as how to make contact and stay connected.
We will be practicing grounding techniques and how to stabilize your own energy first. How to start a conversation and the right questions to ask as well as what conversation needs to take place with animal parents.

Session 2 – Animal Communication 101

This session is about telephathic connections and here I will be providing you with practical ways to communicate with animals and how to react within different situations.

Animals do not think like we do so there is often a very simple underlying issue that needs to be addressed. In this session we will be exploring different scenarios where intervention is needed and how to get the ball rolling. We will also be covering issues like animal buy-in and acceptance, gaining trust, valuable feedback and ways forward.

Session 3 – Animal Communication Round Up (Part one)

During this session we will be working with a live case where no intervention is needed. We will be practicing from a photograph or two and comparing notes.
This is a fun non-judgmental and purely practical session where you get to practice and begin your animal communication journey.

Session 4 – Animal Communication Round Up (Part Two)

In this session we will be working with a live case/s and building your confidence so that you can continue to communicate effectively with your own pets or assisting others with theirs.
This is the last session in this programme and has been designed to give you the opportunity to put what you have learnt into effect.
If either of us feels that you are not quite ready, then we will just keep practicing until you feel more confident in this role. There is absolutely no pressure as this line of work, whilst very rewarding also requires a responsibility from all parties involved and misinformation can delay the healing process.

The total cost of this programme is R1600, and each session runs for approximately 45 to 60 mins. If you require additional sessions, these are charged at R300 p/session. Sessions are available face-to-face or over Zoom.
A completion certificate will be provided at the end of this programme

I look forward to sharing your journey with you … Sharron

Spiritual Mentorship Programme - Grow your Esoteric business

You are your brand and whether your Esoteric business is a sideline focus or fulltime, this programme has been designed to get you on your way.

Session 1 – What does your business mean to you?

Your business is a representation of who you are and having a clear goal in mind is important. The services or products that you offer need to fit in with your vision for your business. In this first session we cover your vision, goals and the challenges that you are currently facing.


Session 2 – Establishing a base

You need a base to work from and in this session, we establish your brand, colours and your mission statement.


Session 3 – Online presence

With Social Media being the easiest way to reach potential clients, we will be using this session to set up your online presence using your ideas from Session 2 and expand on your services/products.


Session 4 – Where to from here?

Now that you have a great Facebook and/or Instagram look, we will now be looking at how to create relevant content and advertise effectively

Now you’re set to do what you always wanted to, and step into your purpose!!

The total cost of this Programme is R2000

There are payment options available. Each session is approx. 90 minutes and sessions are available as face-to-face consults, Video call, or over Zoom.

I look forward to helping you to grow into the best version of you … Sharron

Spiritual Mentorship Programme - Magnificent Me

‘When you are healed, you are whole’ – Quantum Soul

How you feel about yourself forms that basis of your relationships, your interactions, your attachments and your fears. When you are whole, you can serve out your contracts with yourself and others, live your best life and fulfil your Soul Purpose.

MAGNIFICENT ME is a personal journey of self-discovery. This is a safe space for you to travel back in time and then into the present and build steps for your future self.

This is a six step self-worth programme and this is what you can expect:

  1. Pre-coaching intro

  2. Emailed programme outlining the different pages of your ‘new book’

  • My Magnificent Journey

  • A Magnificent Present

  • A Most Magnificent Life

  • Healing Magnificence

  • Taking Magnificent Steps

  • Magnificent Me

  1. Weekly sessions, either face-to-face or via video chat to connect

  2. Self-work to be completed after each session

The MAGNIFICENT ME programme is R1800 (R300 p/session) – (Rates may vary outside of RSA)

Join me on a journey of self-discovery…Sharron xoxo