‘In order to live your best life, you need to remember who you are’ – Quantum Soul

It’s hard to accept that we choose our journey with all of the lessons and contracts that come with. These can leave us feeling overwhelmed and out of sorts with little room to breathe. Sometimes all we need is a gentle ear and an open heart to hear us, help us to process and to give us a little perspective on the way forward.

Soul Coaching sessions are personalized to accommodate your specific needs and cover anything from relationships with others, how to cope with New Age children, grief and closure, Soul purpose and our relationship with ourselves.

I have been working with the Akashic Records for over 20 years and am able to share any information that is relevant to your journey, with you in your sessions.

What you can expect depending on your unique request –

  1. A Soul to Soul connect of 30 mins to better understand your situation/needs

  2. A personalized programme designed for you from our discussion

  3. The number of sessions is dependent on your requirements and these can be held over Whatsapp video chat, fb messenger chat, Skype or Zoom. Face-to-face is available under certain circumstances

  4. A final closing discussion to round things up and then set you on your path towards closure

Once off Soul Coaching sessions are R500

Repeat sessions are R400 p/session

(Rates may differ outside of RSA)


I look forward to connecting with you ….Sharron xoxo

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