We are surrounded by a group of benevolent Spirit Helpers who are with us to support us, guide us and protect us. As humans, we
identify with a visual and so having a Portrait of your guides helps you to connect.

I offer a beautiful chalk pastel colour portrait of any of your guides in A3 or A4.

Your guide collective includes Humanoid guides who look like we do, animal Totems, Dragons, Angels, Cosmic Guides, Elementals and Oracles. As most of our contracted Humanoid guides walk with a Totem (which is also a contracted guide), I also offer combo portraits which are available in A2.

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Guide Portraits

Having a visual of your guides is a great way to connect.

Portraits are available as A3 or A2 and are priced as follows:

A3 single guide R550
A2 single guide R700
A2 totem and guide combo R900
A2 dragon R900
A2 angel R900
(Courier is included within RSA).

Find out more about your guides and their function or ask me about a personalized channeled message.

Charcoal guide portraits

For a different option, I offer charcoal portraits of your guides in A4 and A3.
These can be framed as a great addition to any esoteric collection.

These range in price from R250 to R500 depending on the size that you order.

Every guide has a story so find out more about your guide and how they are helping you on your journey.
Speak to me about different options available to you.

ET Guide Portraiture

Cosmic guides are making themselves known to us more and more.
Find out your Starseed heritage and the Cosmic guides who are with you, and order a colour guide portrait in A4, A3 or A2 chalk pastel.
These can be couriered to you or sent as a digital copy (A4 only)

Prices range from R300 to R550.

Dragon Portraiture

Dragons are here to assist us on many different levels and children identify with Dragons very well.
Order one of these as a great gift for anyone who wants to connect with their dragon guides.

Available in chalk pastel, these portraits come in A3 and A2 and can be couriered to you.

Prices range from R500 to R650.

Totem Portraiture

Totems are our animal messengers from spirit and often represent aspects of our personality.
These guides accompany your Humanoid guides and I offer portraits of just your Totem guides or the two together.

This is available as a chalk pastel colour portrait in A3 and is R450.
Totem and Humanoid portraits are available as A2 and are R650.  These can be couriered to you.